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Updated: Jan 8, 2019

At sense star we aim to offer a variety of sessions to meet specific needs of our customers. Over the coming months, we will develop planned block sessions and regular events to support parents and carers to stimulate and nurture their children and their relationships.

Some groups already confirmed as follows:

Sense Star Coffee Morning; a gathering of parents and carers of both under 3's and disabled guests and carers, to enable support networks to be formed and offer a safe environment for your children to explore and build relationships.

Parent led Feeding Support Group; a safe and relaxing space to allow parents and carers to support each other with issues or support surrounding feeding babies and children.

Sense Star Story Time; a play session of two hours with two 20 minute breaks for story telling sessions. Guests can also contact the centre and ask to bring their own books to be read by our team or by the parent/ carer.

Dates and times to be confirmed and all bookings to be made online or on the day.

We aim to be fully inclusive to all and would appreciate any feedback that would aid us to achieve this. If there are any issues in accessibility, please do not hesitate to contact our centre directly to discuss in more detail.

Thank you for being part of our experience!

Nadia Turki



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