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How does sensory stimulation aid in recovery for brain injury patients?

Brain injuries occur for several reasons and consist of an injuries to the brain caused by a trauma to the head.

The severity, location and type of injury to the brain determines the effects of the injury on the person and their recovery.

Multi-Sensory Environments can impact directly on an individual with a brain injury, by offering a relaxing environment to stimulate their senses and promote healthier and more effective healing of their brain.

Offering a safe space for someone suffering with a brain injury to access a relaxed multi-sensory experience also takes them away from the busy, noisy and fast paced daily living environments. Transferring them to a calmer state both emotionally and physically, aiding them in development and recovery.

Interactive sensory equipment enables someone with a brain injury to engage with light and sound based equipment to develop their fine motor skills and coordination, whilst also maintaining the calming and relaxing elements of a sensory environment. Sensory integration activities help develop the vestibular and proprioceptive senses. These senses provide information on movement and changing direction. Sensory integration therapy uses activities that pool sensory input with motion to improve the brains ability to process sensory information.

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