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A campaign of great interest to me, is taking the stage throughout the country. The campaign aims to combat the failings of the current SEND and EHCP system by raising awareness and challenging it's discrepancies. To do this; the campaign has an active petition and plan to march on Thurs 30th May 2019. The march will take place at various locations around the country at the same time and on the same day. Please visit their Facebook page for information surrounding their march locations.

Below is a detailed description of the campaigns overriding objectives.


1. The needs of the child to always be placed at the centre of all decisions and actions.

2. Legal and financial accountability for local authorities in their treatment of young people with SEND and their families.

3. An end to the culture which encourages the blaming, shaming and dismissal of parents of young people with SEND.


• Funding to be increased to realistic amounts per young person, to be provided directly from Central Government and to be ring-fenced;

• Assessment to be carried out independently of the funding body;


• A recognised pathway for diagnosis for all shades of neuro-diversity, which is the same nationwide and which gets young people in front of experienced diagnosticians within a maximum time of 6 months from first referral.

• An end to the nonsensical distinction between “educational” difficulties and “medical” difficulties;


• One central point for all aspects of legal issues to have power over Education Health and Social Care;

• All policies to be consistent across the country with clear guidelines and rules surrounding conduct by local authorities and expectations in terms of parent partnership and enforcement of procedures;

• For anyone providing false information to be prosecuted and to be fined for failing to support the law, applying to all professionals involved in the process;

• A recourse other than costly Judicial Review when local authorities fail to follow orders of the Tribunal;

• Free reinforcement of EHCP plans where evidence can be provided to prove a professional has acted not in the best interests of the young person or other misconduct;


• A board of parent governors with enforcement powers to oversee parental/ carer treatment and inclusion during the SEN/ EHCP process;

• Quality training for independent family support advisors;

• Legal aid and bank of independent professionals to reference and access pre-tribunal;

• Mandatory training on SEN law and funding for all SENCO and Heads;

• Parents to have a choice of what school is named in the EHCP and this to be considered and any refusals of schools to be clearly explained and reasons outlined in a formal document;

• Mandatory, nationally accredited training for those drafting EHCPs;

• Parental consultation and evidence for expenditure of national fund for each child


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