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About Special Needs Jungle Ltd

Special Needs Jungle is registered at Companies House as a not-for-profit organisation, Limited by Guarantee. Registration Number 9162844.

We decided to become a not-for-profit organisation in 2014 because we wanted to be able to raise funds to expand on activities providing resources, training and information for parents and carers of children and young people with special needs and disabilities.

Many families do not get the help they need because they do not know where to look or how to cut their way through the increasingly complicated system. We aim to highlight resources and inspire and empower families to do this successfully by providing resources, tips, facts and examples.

We know from experience that our work has a positive impact. However, we realised that without finding sources of funding it would be impossible for us to continue to provide the same high-quality information indefinitely, without financial support.

SNJ's CEO is Tania Tirraoro. Everyone who writes for SNJ are parents of, or work with, children with special needs and/or disabilities.

Special Needs Jungle has collaborated with the Department for Education to develop a set of easy-to-understand flowcharts detailing how the new special educational needs system works. Designed by SNJ founder, Tania Tirraoro, they are now used by local authorities, schools and parents alike. They are also in the official SEND information packs. They are free to download, reproduce and use provided the attribution logos remain intact.

SNJ is a member of Genetic Alliance UK and the Council for Disabled Children. SNJ is also a member of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations.

We are currently seeking funding to develop the Special Needs Jungle Academy, that will provide resources and information for parents and families to help them develop the knowledge and confidence to advocate on behalf of their children and young people with special needs and disabilities.


Special Needs Jungle was started in 2008 by Tania Tirraoro, as a way of preserving the knowledge she had gained successfully navigating the 'jungle' of the statementing system for her first younger, then her older son.

Over the years, it has expanded from a personal blog into a site that is packed with useful information about special educational needs and disability issues faced by children and their parents.

It has personal stories from parents, articles from those providing useful resources and has become a narrative guide to the SEN reforms that have taken place.

In 2012, Special Needs Jungle won the CHANGE category in the BritMums Brilliance in Blogging Awards and in 2013 the site was names in The Times Newspaper's list of 50 sites "To make you smarter".

If you have a story to tell or know of a great resource you think others should know about, get in touch - we'd love to hear from you.

Welcome to the Jungle.


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